DRCOG RideSmart Thursdays

Thank you for your interest in RideSmartThursdays! While we will not be having an official campaign in 2008, we hope you will continue to Ride Smart.

2007 Results


  • 8,000 participants pledged to commute differently one day a week
  • 92 businesses across the metro area joined the challenge
  • Total vehicle miles reduced during the campaign was estimated to be 1,404,763
  • Estimated reduction in regulated emissions was 83,698 pounds


What is RideSmartThursdays?

RideSmartThursdays is a FREE community campaign that encourages participants to pledge to commute differently just one day a week, either Thursday or any day that works best.


Why RideSmartThursdays?


  • Save time and money compared to driving your own car
  • Fewer vehicles on the road mean everyone gets where they’re going faster
  • Less congestion means a safer, less stressful commute
  • Options like walking and biking are good for your health and fitness
  • Fewer vehicles and less gridlock improves our air quality



Try any of these great commuting options just one day a week or more:




Vanpooling is a great alternative for groups of five or more who travel more than 15 miles one way. RideArrangers provides the van, fuel, insurance, maintenance and the Guaranteed Ride Home. Call 303-480-6755 for more information or log onto DRCOG.org and click on RideArrangers.



RTD operates 175 bus routes with over 10,000 bus stops, 66 park-n-ride locations and 49 light rail vehicles serving 23 stations. Visit RTD-Denver.com to plan your trip.

Bike orange logo


Ride your bike and catch a bus! Storage lockers and bike racks are available at many park-n-Ride locations and transit stations, and all RTD buses are equipped with front-end bike racks. For more information on rules of the road, click on Colorado Bicycling Manual.

Carpool blue logo


The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) RideArrangers program, offers a free ride-matching service to help you find carpool partners. Log onto DRCOG.org to sign up.



Guaranteed Ride Home: This program offers vanpool and RTD EcoPass customers a free cab ride home from the office in case of an emergency or schedule change. It is also available to employers for purchase as an add-on service. For more information, call 303-480-6755.



Get your company to set up a telework program and work from home! Call RideArrangers at 303.480.6725 to find out how your company can get started.

Walk green logo


consider walking to your destination, bus stop, park-n-Ride or light rail station.

Pledge online now by clicking on the Pledge button above and completing the pledge form.